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When I  decided to create my first book, I  never debated whether to self-publish or not. I knew publishing the book myself would be the only way to direct the artistic and educational development of my project. I did not just write the words; I photographed, designed the layout, and created the accompanying website. Following the success of my first printing of An ABC Escapade through Egypt, I went on to print a second edition and began plans for other titles. With help, encouragement, and partnership from my  husband and mother (an artist and author herself), NimNam Books was created.
Our books focus on the nature and culture of Italy, Egypt, and Sinai - our adopted homes - as well as personal experiences of living and travelling throughout the region. Photographs and original artwork are also an important aspects of our work. Although some books are written specifically for children, they have found a wide readership among adults as well.
And, in case you’re wondering, “nimnam” is an Arabic word for one of my favorite desert plants, Schouwia purpurea.

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