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One for One Giveaway Project

Several months ago, I won a copy of Blake Mycoskie’s book, Start Something That Matters. Blake is the founder of TOMS Shoes, a company that, for every pair purchased, gives away a new pair of shoes to a child in need. Last year, he started TOMS One for One Eyewear, which provides eye treatment, eye surgery, or prescription glasses for every pair of eyewear sold. His book tells the story of how TOMS came to be and the lessons he learned from other charity organizations along the way.
“Love your work, work for what you love, and change the world—all at the same time.”
~ Blake Mycoskie
And I, of course, love books! Fascinated and inspired by his story, I decided that his One for One initiative would be an excellent addition to my ongoing attempts to get books into the hands of children. Giving away an Arabic-language children’s book for every copy of An ABC Escapade through Egypt sold helps me reach a different population than my free downloads.
The Bedouin children in Sinai have little experience in reading for pleasure, no access to quality children’s literature, and limited means to purchase non-essential items such as books. Despite all of this, Bedouin children, like all children, delight in having books read to them, flipping through books and magazines, and - for those learning to read - attempting to decode and write Arabic words. Being able to take home their own book will bring joy (and learning!) to the children, and indeed, their whole families.
And what better books to start this program with besides those of Walid Taher, Egyptian author and illustrator of my own favorite series to read in Arabic - Fizo! (Read more about Walid Taher here.)