All of Habiba’s books are released under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commerical-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.


I know, that’s a mouthful!


But it means you may copy, distribute, and transmit the work FOR FREE,


Provided you do the following:


    * Attribute the work to the creators. (Easy to do - our names are in the book!)


     * Do not alter the book. (The PDFs are protected so you won’t be able to copy or change anything              about the text. Please do not delete any pages, especially the page with the license information).


    * Do not use the book for commercial purposes. (Please do not download and sell either the eBooks                     or printable books.)



So we are giving you permission to: download and send the PDFs to your friends and family via email; share them on your blog or website; print as many copies as you would like; and give these printed copies to all of your Arabic-learning friends!




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