Printing Instructions

To make the books a kid-friendly size and to save paper, all printable books by Habiba should be printed double-sided on an A4 piece of paper. (If you print on letter size paper, the images may not be centered when paper is folded in half.)


All pages will be folded in half horizontally and will open top-to-bottom instead of right-to-left.


To make the books this size, Bernadette followed the format used for Reading A-Z.com’s printable books. Read their instructions on how to assemble a double-sided horizontal book or follow mine below.


If your printer has an option for Duplex (Two-sided) Printing, choose that. Follow the instructions on your screen and once the printing is complete, remove the stack of paper from the printer tray, fold them in half horizontally so that the cover is on top, and then staple along the fold.

If you don’t have the Duplex Printing option, print the odd pages out first but print the pages backwards - a “Reverse pages” option should be available. Remove the paper and without rearranging the order, print the even pages on back. The pages should then match up correctly back-to-back but to make sure, check the Reading A-Z instructions above - there is a book map detailing which pages should be printed on the back, etc. You may want to do a “test print” in draft black-and-white to ensure you are familiar with your printer’s options and settings before wasting your color ink!



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